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Before the loss of a loved one, you deserve an attorney who will stop at nothing to help you move forward.


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Estate planning can be overwhelming. Work with an attorney who gets it and can skillfully guide you through it.

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J. Duffy Palmer

Attorney at Law

To Duffy Palmer, family is everything. It's the reason he centered his practice around estate planning and administration. He's made it his mission to not only help families prepare for their futures but also to help strengthen them after they lose a loved one. Whether you're looking to set up trusts or protect your assets during a divorce, turn to Duffy for knowledgeable advice. He'll be there to listen to your needs and explain your options in a way that's easy to understand. From his office in Cary, Duffy proudly serves individuals and families throughout North Carolina. Discover how he can represent you in Chapel Hill, Charlotte, or Wilmington.
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Helping Your Family
During Difficult Times

Death of a Spouse

Losing a spouse can be unbearable. Don't let a legal issue make things even harder. Attorney Duffy Palmer is prepared to help you administer their will, deal with any of their outstanding debts, and if necessary, navigate the probate process.

Death of a Parent

When you lose a parent, protecting their estate may be easier said than done. If your sibling or another family member is failing to abide by your parent's final wishes, reach out to the Palmer Estate Planning for dedicated legal support.

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Thinking about dying can be uncomfortable. However, it's necessary in order to create your ideal estate plan. By acknowledging the inevitable, you'll be able to clearly and rationally outline your exact wishes, thereby saving your loved ones from stress once you're gone. Luckily, you don't have to tackle it alone.

When you're ready to start the estate planning process, reach out to Attorney Duffy Palmer for assistance. He'll collaborate with you to ensure you feel confident drafting your will, establishing trusts, and setting up advance directives. After all, this is your future. You deserve a say in how it's handled.

Duffy Palmer also represents clients in cases of estate administration. If you've been named the executor of an estate and are not sure where to begin, he can point you in the right direction. Tell Duffy when you need help avoiding probate and fulfilling your loved one's final requests.

Contact Attorney Duffy Palmer today at his office in Cary, North Carolina. Whether you live in Chapel Hill, Charlotte, or Wilmington, Durham, Greensboro, he can help you set up an estate plan tailored to your specific needs. Get started now by scheduling a free consultation with the Palmer Estate Planning.