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How to Know if You Need a Trust in Cary, North Carolina

What Should I Consider When Deciding if I Need a Trust in North Carolina?

Some things to consider when deciding whether you need a Trust (or whether you need more than one Trust) include, but are not limited to, are:

  • What is your Marital Status?

    • Are you married? Are you divorced? Are you remarried?

  • Do you have Children?

    • Are your children minors (younger than 18)?

    • Does your spouse have different children from you?

    • Do your children get along?

    • Do you have a blended family?

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  • What do you own?

    • Do you own real estate? Do you own multiple real estate properties? For example, rental home(s), beach houses, mountain cabins, etc.

    • Do you own property in multiple states?

    • Do you have multiple cars? Or a trailer, boat, and/or other title vehicles?

    • Do you own a business?

    • Hold stock/shares in a company?

    • Do you own life insurance with a death benefit of more than the cost of your funeral?

  • Do you worry about your beneficiary(ies)?

    • Does your beneficiary(ies) have a disability?

    • Can all your beneficiaries financially handle the amount he/she will receive upon your death? Would they waste it? Would their spouse misuse it? Could it kill them because of drug addiction?

    • Do you worry about your children losing their inheritance to divorce?

    • Does your beneficiary(ies) have debt issues or creditors?

  • Do you have long-term care insurance?

    • Are you unable to afford to pay for your health care costs as you age? (most people can't)

    • Do you not have the resources to pay for nursing home care? (most people don't)

  • Are you worried about privacy?

    • Would you prefer your documents with your last wishes to remain private and NOT become public records?

    • Do you have extended family members who will swoop in and try to change your last wishes?

If You Answered Yes to Any of The Questions Above You Should Strongly Consider Getting, Having, and Using a Trust.


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