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"I Couldn't Be Happier"

I couldn't be happier with the experience of putting my trust together with Duffy Palmer's firm. I found the firm to be knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and thorough. His firm answered all of my questions promptly and anticipated most of them. Although trusts can be complicated the firm process and knowledge crisply led me through the steps while addressing my specific needs. I never felt rushed as I determined our best options. Duffy Palmer was the attorney but the support staff all contributed to the effort. The trust process doesn't end with writing documents. The funding phase where your legal entities are transferred to the trust was also clearly defined. I was provided a package with detailed instructions, forms, and a discussion to answer any questions. I thought the price was fair for the amount of work performed and would strongly recommend Duffy Palmer for any of his service offerings.

Paul, Franklinton, NC

"Duffy Has Far Exceeded My Expectations"

My wife and I were both so impressed with Duffy during his presentation on Estate Planning that we immediately decided to meet privately with him to learn more. Later, deciding to move forward with him has proved to be one of the best decisions of our lives. Not only did we resolve a long delinquent and worrisome concern about how to smoothly and effectively pass on our assets to our children once we pass on, we gained a true friend and legal advisor. Duffy has repeatedly been a knowledgeable advisor to us for not just our Estate questions, but for all our legal concerns. For me, Duffy has far exceeded my expectations. He is a resource you count on to be there when you need him. He's demonstrated this to us repeatedly.

Paul, Garner, NC

"Not only A Great Lawyer, but A Great Human Being"

We are extremely happy with you and the service you provided. You are not only a great lawyer, but a great human being! For this reason, we know you will be a great success. Thank you for everything you have done for us. If someone needs a good estate attorney, we certainly recommend you.

Thomas and Susan, Clayton, NC

"Duffy Is Dedicated to Meet Our Needs Before His Own"

Duffy Palmer's kindness to us during the estate planning was more than anyone would have expected. We NEVER went to his office; every visit was at either our home or the hospital rooms my wife was staying in. I can't say thanks on paper because it doesn't show my heart and tears in my eyes as I write this. Duffy is dedicated to meet OUR NEEDS before his own. Thank you so much.

Jeff, Clayton, NC

"It Was Exactly What I Needed"

I went to a luncheon for the 'heck of it' at which Duffy was speaking and realized that he was offering a complete way of protecting my assets by putting everything in a trust. It was exactly what I needed. He has a wonderful, easily understood way of accomplishing all of it. He carefully went through each aspect of the process and was very courteous, patient and complete throughout the process. I would highly recommend the use of Duffy to anyone who needs help in understanding and going through the process of protecting your assets and avoiding any pitfalls in the process.

Mark, Durham, NC

"Standing Head and Shoulders Above Your Peers"

Thank you for your service and commitment to excellence. From our very first office visit to our last meeting you have demonstrated the highest of the human spirit. Your greetings and interactions coupled with your intelligence and integrity have you standing head and shoulders above your peers. Again, thank you and may God bless you.

Jonas and Annie, Marvin, NC

"It Was Explained so We Could Easily Understand"

My husband and I were very pleased with the presentation given by Duffy Palmer which got us moving to start our final arrangements. It was explained so we could easily understand and make our decisions for our living trust. This makes it much easier for our family when our time is up! Duffy's response to our calls were answered in a timely manner and thoroughly explained to us. We recommend their services to others.

Jack and Debbie, Greensboro, NC

"Working Around Our Unique Situation"

We appreciate your timely manner you have handled our case and working around our unique situation. The estate planning documents binder is well organized and easy to go through. We have shared the documents with our children and while they are not very willing to go through it, they did. We are glad we were able to procure your services to help us secure the future of our assets.

Jeff and Davida, Durham, NC

"Very Personable. Very Professional."

Very personable. Very Professional. Easy to understand. Exactly what we needed! Articulated issues foreign to us. Very pleasant interactions. A-OK!

Henry and Nancy, Chapel Hill, NC

"We Learned More from Duffy"

Duffy Palmer was very pleasant and knowledgeable. We learned more from Duffy than we had in previous seminars about Wills and Trusts. Duffy took his time with us, and was very patient going over the process with us. He even took time from his busy schedule to answer questions our son had. We highly recommend Duffy Palmer for all of your legal needs.

Dan and Sandra, Durham, NC

"Thorough, and Pleasant"

Mr. Palmer was professional, thorough, and pleasant to guide us in our estate planning. He asked questions that were very pertinent and informative. The final product was a well presented, organized set of documents.

Lex and Kathy, Wilmington, NC

"You're the Right Person for The Job"

Mr. Palmer, there is a scripture in the Bible that says ‘this service that you perform is.... overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.' You are making a difference; it may not always be seen or measured, but those around you know it, both your clients and potential clients to be. The way you live your life faithfully serving and doing what needs to be done well even though it doesn't make the headlines, your actions say it all. I say all that to say you are a wonderful person and you're the right person for the job of having someone know how to take care of a lot or a little that belongs to them that they cherish. Thanks from someone who is thanking God for you too.

Bennie and Cynthia, Greensboro, NC

"Duffy Is an Excellent Attorney"

Duffy is an excellent attorney. Since I'm hearing impaired, he took the time to explain to me a lot of the terminology that comes with the estate planning paperwork. Even if I didn't understand it, he would write a word or two down to make sure I get what he was saying. As a result, the paperwork was done flawlessly. He was also willing to come out to my home at one time to visit me and get the "ball" rolling when I first started doing the estate planning. Because of all this, I don't have any questions at this time.

R. W. Dwier, Raleigh, NC

"His Cool, Calm, Relaxed Demeanor Is a Welcome Asset"

Mr. Palmer will make you comfortable. His cool, calm, relaxed demeanor is a welcome asset in client relations. Having gone through Trust establishment with my parents with a different law firm, my wife's and my experience in establishing our own Trust with Mr. Palmer was a pleasant and easy thing. The entire process was open, explained, and very thorough. We thank Mr. Palmer for his expertise and the ease of dealing with him, and can heartily recommend him for Trust and estate services.

Gary and Debra, Warsaw/Wilmington, NC

"Professional, Understanding, and Competent"

Duffy has been involved in our trust planning for several years; preparing Trust documents, wills, power-of-attorney, dealing with my wife’s probate, etc. He has always been well professional, understanding, and competent. His assistance with the details of my wife’s death has been invaluable as we traversed the legal process. I would highly recommend Duffy as an Estate Attorney.

Frank, Cary, NC

"We Trust His Advice Unequivocally"

We have been extremely pleased and very happy with the legal services of J. Duffy Palmer, and highly recommend him to others who may need legal help in estate planning. We are a retired couple, and felt a need to have our estate planning in order before anything happened to either of us. We attended an estate planning seminar given by Duffy Palmer, and were immediately impressed by the clarity of his presentation, and by his kind and personable demeanor. We have been even more impressed as we have learned more about him and his family, the high quality person that he is, and the standards of integrity that he reflects in his professional and personal life. He is a well-educated attorney with years of experience in estate planning, and is highly knowledgeable about the laws of North Carolina. He is fully aware of the pitfalls and challenges that are encountered with inadequate planning and preparation. We have learned much from our meetings with him as he has educated us with regard to estate planning. He prepared for us a number of important documents, including updating our wills, creating a family trust, creating power of attorney and health care power of attorney documents, and other important estate planning documents. After carefully reviewing and explaining all relevant documents to us, he beautifully organized them in an Estate Planning Portfolio binder so that we have all these key materials together in one place where we can easily refer to them.

Through our association with Duffy Palmer, we have been strongly impressed by the strength of his character, his impeccable honesty, his fairness and respect for his clients, his legal knowledge, and high ethical standards. He has been careful to ensure that our estate plan reflected our personal wishes, while meeting the highest professional standards of North Carolina. We are grateful for his service. We trust his advice unequivocally and recommend his services without any reservation.

Kerry and Ann, Chapel Hill, NC

"Professional and Very Kind"

Mr. Palmer was so very helpful with my mom's estate. He is professional and very kind. He explained legal things very clearly and was easy to understand. I so appreciated his help getting things resolved. His fee was reasonable. I can highly recommend Mr. Palmer to others.

Amy, Cary, NC

"His Knowledge and Experience Are Vast and Relevant to Many Diverse Situations"

We recently completed multiple facets of our estate plan with Palmer Estate Planning. Duffy made this complex process easy to understand and execute. I can't imagine navigating this course with anyone else!

His knowledge and experience are vast and relevant to many diverse situations. Duffy was able to fully explain the process in layman's terms and develop a step-by-step plan for our estate that we could easily follow. He was always available for questions via phone/email as well as scheduling in-person meetings for review of information when necessary.

While his professional skills are unparalleled, Duffy is incredibly personable and fun to be around, making it a very pleasurable experience!

Tommy and Laura, Durham, NC

"Palmer Estate Planning is the Best"

Duffy is the best. My husband died in his sleep recently. His sudden death struck me really hard since he was the one who took care of everything in the house. I did not know what to do. Fortunately, my husband set up a trust through Palmer Estate Planning. I still remember the first time when we met Mr. J Duffy Palmer. He was very easy going and easy to work with. During the process, Mr. Palmer explained everything thoroughly so that we have everything protected through the trust. Although I could not understand everything due to my limited command of English, his patience and knowledge made a big impression on me.

After my husband passed away, I contacted Mr. Palmer right away. My son and I went to see him. He was very patient and compassionate and provided us with detailed advice and suggestions, which alleviated a lot of my worries.

If you need a professional service about setting up a trust, Palmer Estate Planning is the best.

Rongwen, Pinehurst, NC

"We Highly Recommend Palmer Estate Planning"

We contacted Palmer Estate Planning in late 2023 to discuss our estate planning needs. We had many, many questions, and did not know much about the process. Duffy was extremely helpful and explained all of the ins-and-outs of estate planning as well as the particular concerns related to North Carolina state law. We could not have been happier with how the whole process went. As an added, bonus Duffy provided lifelong assistance if we ever need to have small changes made to our documentation in the future! This really differentiates Duffy Palmer from other practitioners, in our opinion.

We highly recommend that anyone looking for a thorough and patient guide to the estate planning process consult with Palmer Estate Planning!

James and Linda, Durham, NC

"Duffy was Extremely Thorough"

Julie and I initially met with a few estate planners in the area. After meeting Duffy, we immediately knew he was our choice for implementing an estate plan and helping redo our trust. The entire process was seamless, and Duffy was extremely thorough in making sure to cover all of the areas we needed to address. In addition, he has been excellent in response to follow up questions. We highly recommend meeting with Duffy!

Mark and Julie, Apex, NC

"Responsive and Personalized"

Responsive and personalized. Well informed pertaining to client needs.

Michael, Fayetteville, NC

"Organized and Knowledgeable"

Mr. Palmer is very organized and knowledgeable. He kept me well-informed about the whole estate planning process, including every step he was taking on my behalf. He listened and understood my concerns, satisfied all my requests according to state law, and provided recommendations for future events. I am very pleased with his services and wish him all the best.

Alaa, Durham, NC

"So Kind and Welcoming"

Thank you Mr. Palmer for being so kind and welcoming. I appreciate your help in avoiding probate and asking many questions to determine the right plan for me. God bless you.

Batool, Durham, NC