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Handling a Spouse's Estate in Cary, North Carolina

My Spouse Died, What Do I Do?

First, please accept my deepest condolences. I've been married for over 20 years and can't imagine life without my sweet spouse.

Second, be careful! Spouses are given certain beneficial rights when their spouse dies. Surviving spouses are entitled to an allowance, an elective share of your spouse's estate, and many more benefits. If you pay a debt, sign a document, or don't investigate your rights you may lose big or pay more than you need to.

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Unfortunately, spouses, by default, are not entitled to everything their deceased spouses had. It may get divided between the surviving spouse and the deceased spouse's parent(s) or child(ren), even if the children are from the surviving and deceased spouse. You should find the Will and other documents and review them. If any part is unclear or if you have any questions you SHOULD consult an NC licensed attorney who practices in this area.

If your deceased spouse died with debt in his/her individual name, you may not be required to pay it. If your spouse left you less than you expected, you may be entitled to more. If you are stuck in "Probate", are the sole beneficiary, and the spouse, you may get to skip many of the Probate steps.

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If your spouse had a Trust, you'll need to first read the Trust and then administer it accordingly. Trust administration is often easier than Probate.

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