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How long does it take to handle an estate planning case?

Read below to find out how long it takes to do estate planning Feb. 9, 2024

I know how long it takes Palmer Estate Planning to finish an estate planning case, but in general, it depends. I know, answering a question with “it depends” is this classic lawyer answer which is followed by the variables that must be considered. 

So, I’ll cut to the chase before going into further explanation. On average, it only takes about 4 weeks (or less) for Palmer Estate Planning to finish an estate planning case. 

Palmer Estate Planning has a clear and simple, yet detailed process to take you from beginning to end. We make sure it all gets done and gets done quickly. Too many people procrastinate or drag their feet causing “crisis planning”. So, when you’re ready, we make sure it gets done and gets done right. 

The first phase is discovering your questions and needs. This usually only takes 1 meeting where we answer all your questions and develop a plan to address all your needs. 

The second phase is our firm meticulously drafting all the necessary documents and sending them to you for review with sufficient time before you come back in. 

The third phase is another meeting where you sign the documents with an attorney, a notary, and proper number of witnesses. 

The fourth phase or last phase is an instructional meeting for you to go over all the documents and the customized Estate Planning Portfolio, as well as to receive instructions on how to ensure all your ducks are in a row. 

Finally, Palmer Estate Planning remains available to you for your lifetime as your “go to” Estate Planning and Estate Administration law firm. 

The process can be quite different when not using Palmer Estate Planning

If you do a DIY plan or download your documents the time it takes completely depends on your availability and ability to go through all the documents, arrange for notarial services and witnesses, and follow through with everything your plan needs. These are not easy matters to handle alone. Therefore, DIY plans could potentially take a week or more to months to complete. 

If you use a different firm, it depends on whether or not their sole focus is estate planning or if estate planning is an add-on service the firm offers. Some law firms will put you through a host of assistants and paralegals before you ever meet with or speak to an attorney. Some make you fill out some forms on your own. Others will send you drafted documents or the documents that need to be signed and put the responsibility on you to review and follow up to schedule an appointment to sign the documents with the law firm. I’ve heard of too many stories of people having documents that were never signed, and this is usually why. 

In fact, just last week a couple told me that they wanted to update their plan and documents because they didn’t like them due to having added a grandchild to their family. When we reviewed their plan, we discovered that their documents were never signed and therefore are not valid. This was surprising to them. They thought the documents the attorney sent them were completed and valid. So, in this case, this couple went years thinking their estate planning was done until they discovered that it never was. Of course, we remedied that and ensured they had customized, proper, and strong documents done within 4 weeks. 

Therefore, depending on the law firm you choose, the estate planning process can take months to years to complete.

If you want to ensure you have a smooth, easy process that takes a few weeks, gets done, and is customized through professional assistance, contact us.